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Welcome from Sheriff Nanos

Nanos_Christopher1069 (Small).JPGWelcome to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department website. This website is intended to provide information to the community we serve, allow the public to interact with department members, and connect with the community through transparency.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors appointed Chris Nanos as Sheriff effective August 1, 2015. Sheriff Nanos inherited a professional law enforcement agency that is on the cutting edge of technology, training and equipment. The Sheriff’s Department is comprised of nearly 1500 highly qualified, trained, and committed employees complemented by over 400 volunteers who provide support throughout the organization. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department has led the way in regionalizing law enforcement efforts and resources with the implementation of a countywide interoperable public safety communications system (PCWIN); spearheading the creation of the Pima Regional SWAT Team and Bomb Squad; facilitating regional police motorcycle and canine training; and operating a Regional Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy. Through regionalization, local law enforcement agencies leverage resources and personnel to serve the greater community and Pima County. 

 Sheriff Nanos has served this community since he was hired as a Pima County Sheriff’s Department Corrections Officer in 1984. Prior to that, he was a police officer in his hometown of El Paso, Texas. During his 31 years with the Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Nanos has worked in every area of the department, specializing in criminal investigations and drug enforcement.

 Sheriff Nanos is engaged in a partnership with other County leaders to greatly expand Pima County’s justice reform efforts.  Sheriff Nanos is committed to finding new ways to divert low-risk offenders from jail, and to providing evidence based services to inmates that will improve their transition from jail to the community and reduce recidivism.  In Pima County, the 2,377-bed jail is frequently near capacity.  Sheriff Nanos believes it is imperative that we identify best practices, address gaps in service and design plans to improve our approach to incarceration, which – in the end – saves the taxpayers money.

Sheriff Nanos is committed to maintaining the professional and compassionate law enforcement service for which the Pima County Sheriff’s Department has come to be known. Furthermore, Sheriff Nanos has a great interest in improving the Department’s relationship and partnership with our schools and mental health community. Focusing efforts on our children and those who need care and assistance for mental health issues, is of highest priority. To that end, one of Sheriff Nanos’ first actions was to return deputies back to the schools by resurrecting our School Resource Officer Unit. Sheriff Nanos is fully committed to continuing support for our Mental Health Support Team while working with our mental health community partners, the courts, and legislature to help those with mental illness.